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"Europa" sculptural installation, Europa-Park, Rust, 2 July to end of October 2021

To mark the 100th birthday of Franz Mack, the founder of the Europa-Park theme park, Ottmar Hörl was invited to develop a sculptural installation featuring a multiplicity of golden "Europa" figures. The serial sculptures in the shape of roly-poly dolls will be on show at Europa-Park in Rust from 2 July until the end of October. They can be viewed at the end of "Deutsche Allee". > more


Solo exhibition "Coexistence - 공존", Indang-Museum, Daegu (Korea), 2021

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the institution, the Indang Museum (Daegu Health College) dedicates a large solo exhibition to the conceptual artist Ottmar Hörl, as the first German artist ever. > more


Exhibition: "Ottmar Hörl – Fotokonzepte" [Ottmar Hörl – Foto Concepts] at Galerie Bode in Nuremberg, 1 to 22 May 2021

On the occasion of this year's photo festival, the Nuremberg-based Galerie Bode opened its virtual exhibition presenting photo concepts created by Ottmar Hörl. > more


"Beethoven Road Novel", Russia, 2020/2021

This May, a Beethoven travelling exhibition in Russia will stop at Tsaritsyno Park in Moscow. This is its penultimate location on a long journey before the sculptures will be sold at auction on 26/27 June at the Germany Festival (on the occasion of the Year of Germany in Russia, 2020/21) in Moscow's Sokolniki Park in support of the Sound Up festival of new music. > more


Visiting with Ottmar Hörl "Worldview Models" ARTMAPP talking to the artist. Author: Marc Peschke

In December 2020, Reiner Brouwer and Marc Peschke (ARTMAPP) went to see Ottmar Hörl in Wertheim to have a chat with him. Here's a brief extract: > more



GROUP EXHIBITION: "Leben im Krieg" ("Wartime life")
Historisches Museum Hanau Schloss Philippsruhe
Philippsruher Allee 45, Hanau
Extended to 27. March 2022
Tue-Sun 11 am to 6 pm

GROUP EXHIBITION: "kugelrund" ("Globated")
Forum Kunst Rottweil
Friedrichsplatz 4
Opening Saturday, 13. November, 7 pm
14. November 2021 to 02. January 2022

in favor of the Kunstverein Kohlenhof e.V.
next to the Germanisches Museum
Grasersgasse 15/21
90402 Nürnberg
Sunday, 05. December 2021, 3 pm
Preview of the art works: Saturday, 04. December 2021, 2-7 pm

GROUP EXHIBITION: "Das Glück dieser Erde..."
Stadtgalerie - Badehaus im Alten Kurpark
Königsteiner Straße 86
65812 Bad Soden
06. until 28. November 2021

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt
Campus Westend
60629 Frankfurt
24. November until 03.December 2021