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Exhibition "Ottmar Hörl", Centrum voor Jonge Kunst, Gent

Is it possible to visualise the way we look at something? Are we in a position to really understand art that was created in the past? Is there a difference between looking at art through another medium?

These are the pivotal questions regarding art appreciation which Ottmar Hörl focuses on in his "Picture Interferences" (since 2009), on view now alongside other pieces in his current exhibition in Ghent entitled "Ottmar Hörl". The exhibition will be opened this coming Saturday in the artist's presence. It will be on show at the Centrum voor Jonge Kunst between 19 January and 22 March 2020.

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GROUP EXHIBITION: "ICH, ICH, ICH - Selbstdarstellung heute" ("ME, ME, ME - self-expression today")
Forum Kunst Rottweil
Friedrichsplatz 4
78628 Rottweil
10. September to 05. November 2023

GROUP EXHIBITION: "STREIT. Eine Annäherung."  ("Argument. A close-up")
Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt
Schaumainkai 53
60596 Frankfurt am Main
06. October 2023 to 27. August 2024

GROUP EXHIBITION "Kitsch und Kunst" ("Kitsch and art")
Kunstrraum Gewerbepark Süd
Hofstraße 64
40723 Hilden
8. October to 3. December 2023
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