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"Schlamassel" [Mess] – sculpture for Bad RagARTz 2021 – 8th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture in Bad Ragaz

A red VW Golf got stuck in a huge wastebasket in an idyllic park landscape and amazes passers-by. Is this the work of an environmental activist who wants to draw attention to the climate crisis and garbage problem? Or a reference to the change in traditional traffic and mobility concepts?  > more



GROUP EXHIBITION: "ICH, ICH, ICH - Selbstdarstellung heute" ("ME, ME, ME - self-expression today")
Forum Kunst Rottweil
Friedrichsplatz 4
78628 Rottweil
10. September to 05. November 2023

GROUP EXHIBITION: "STREIT. Eine Annäherung."  ("Argument. A close-up")
Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt
Schaumainkai 53
60596 Frankfurt am Main
06. October 2023 to 27. August 2024

GROUP EXHIBITION "Kitsch und Kunst" ("Kitsch and art")
Kunstrraum Gewerbepark Süd
Hofstraße 64
40723 Hilden
8. October to 3. December 2023
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