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Exhibition "Time Present" Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection, PalaisPopulaire, Berlin

Since 1982, Ottmar Hörl has developed photo concepts with a focus on automated picture taking. Cameras were thrown from planes, for instance, were attached to the rims of car tyres, or even shot at to create pictures that capture segments of reality beyond human interference, a reality that is no longer defined as such by the artist's view. > more


Exhibition "Ottmar Hörl", Centrum voor Jonge Kunst, Gent

Is it possible to visualise the way we look at something? Are we in a position to really understand art that was created in the past? Is there a difference between looking at art through another medium?

These are the pivotal questions regarding art appreciation which Ottmar Hörl focuses on in his "Picture Interferences" (since 2009), on view now alongside other pieces in his current exhibition in Ghent entitled "Ottmar Hörl". The exhibition will be opened this coming Saturday in the artist's presence. It will be on show at the Centrum voor Jonge Kunst between 19 January and 22 March 2020.

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Sculptural installation "Souvenir, Souvenir?!", Regensburg

Since 15 September, when the exhibition "Souvenir, Souvenir?!" was opened, visitors have been able to gain an entirely new perspective of St Peter's Cathedral in Regensburg: they may take the building in their hands, may turn it, and take a look at its roof. And they may ask themselves the question whether this object, which appears in four different colours here, really is a souvenir … The exhibition will be on show in Neupfarrplatz square in Regensburg until 29 September. > more


Sculptural installation "King Kong", Völklingen Ironworks World Cultural Heritage Site

King Kong is back! And you have the possibility to meet him being part of the  "5.UrbanArt Biennale® 2019 Unlimited" at the world cultural heritage site of the Völklingen Ironworks. This installation displays the most recent developments and trends in international urban art - with artwork of renown artists. Ottmar Hörl is one of them.


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Collector's edition "Ping & Pong", Artikel-Editionen, 2019

Multiple edition:

Ottmar Hörl, Ping & Pong

Table tennis racket set with two portraits

as silkscreen appliqués

in tampon printed aluminium case, 31 x 23 x 7 cm

collector's edition: 35 copies + 3 AP

Artikel Editionen 2019

260,- EUR

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GROUP EXHIBITION: "E̶T̶W̶A̶S̶ ANDERES AUS DER SAMMLUNG" ("Something different out of the collection")
Museum für Konkrete Kunst
Tränktorstr. 6-8, Ingolstadt
Run: from 06. June to 02. August 2020. The talks take place Sundays from 10-12am. 
The talks about Ottmar Hörl takes place the 19th of July


GROUP EXHIBITION: "Time present" Photography from the Deutsche Bank Collection
Unter den Linden 5, Berlin
10. May 2020 to 08. February 2021
Daily opening times (except Mondays) from 11am to 6pm. Thursdays 11am to 9pm

GROUP EXHIBITION: "Was ist der Mensch?" ("What is man?")
St. Johanniskirche
Neuer Markt, Herford
30. May 2020 to 30. August 2020
Daily opening times from 10 am to 6 pm

in colloboration with KHBT London/Berlin, on the occasion of London Festival of Architecture
St. Paul´s Plinth, London
3 June 2019 to March 2020

Bioenergiepark Saerbeck
1. Juli to 7. Juli 2020 (further installations in different locations are planned)
Opening, 04. Juli, 2 pm

EXHIBITION: "TREUE FREUNDE. Hunde und Menschen" 
Bayerisches Nationalmuseum, München
28. November 2019 to 19. April 2020, extended until 27th of September 2020

CJK, Centrum voor Jonge Kunst, Gent
19. January 2020 to 22. March 2020
Opening: 18. January 2020, 7:30 pm

Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.
Biozentrum, Gebäude 101, KunstRaum Riedberg
05. February 2020 to 29. May 2020, extended to 30th of October 2020
Opening: 04. February 2020, 06:30 pm