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"The first step is always the hardest", on show from 22 April at Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

The Zeppelin Museum invited Ottmar Hörl to develop a new temporary installation featuring 300 serial sculptures from 22 April to 1 May in the run-up to an exhibition entitled "Cult! Legends, Stars and Icons". At the south end of Buchhornplatz, between the Zeppelin Museum and the Medienhaus am See library, the installation covering 200 square metres will turn Friedrichshafen's urban space into an "art location" offering an invitation to communicate. 
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„Ottmar Hörl - Reference“, from 30. April at the Schrade Gallery, Mochental palace

A large exhibition entitled "OTTMAR HÖRL – REFERENZ" [Ottmar Hörl – Reference] running at the stunning Baroque Mochental palace offers a current view on Hörl's oeuvre as a conceptual artist. Allowing for a wide range of perspectives, all this is based on his reflections on the meta-level of art or art history. Exhibits include works from the following series: Broom Pieces, Modern Sculpture, Sculpture in the Gordian Style as well as Rotation (Photo Concepts).
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From 5 February 2017: Exhibition „Instructions for the Relief of the Black Square“ at Kunstverein Mannheim

From 5 February 2017, the Mannheim Art Society will be showing Ottmar Hörl's Handlungsanweisung zur Erlösung des schwarzen Quadrats [Instructions for the Relief of the Black Square]. The exhibition refers to a work by Kazimir Malevich, whose compositions on the black square paved the way to monochrome painting in modern art. > more


"The World Poet - FRIEDRICH RÜCKERT" at Kunstverein Coburg art society

Ottmar Hörl’s Rückert busts will be on view at Kunstverein Coburg art society until 17 April 2017 in his DER WELTPOET - FRIEDRICH RÜCKERT [The World Poet – Friedrich Rückert] exhibition. > more


2 February 2017: Sotheby's to auction stars from the Euro Sculpture at Frankfurt's Palmengarten

In the course of an extensive overhaul in 2015, the acrylic glass panels of the yellow Euro Sculpture stars were replaced. The ones removed were later signed by celebrities and artists. On 2 February 2017, Sotheby's will offer the stars for auction at Frankfurt's Palmengarten, with the proceeds going to the cancer aid organisation Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt eV. > more



6 April to 18 June 2017, Stadthaus "Alter Bahnhof", Traben-Trarbach
an exhibition of the Kaschenbach Gallery, Trier
featuring works of Jim Dine, Ottmar, Hörl, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol et al.

30 April to 16 July 2017, Galerie Schrade, Schloss Mochental 

500 years of the Reformation in Villach
5 May to 31 October 2017, Museum of the city of Villach, Austria

2 June to 15 October 2017, Zeppelin-Museum

Wine and Art: Creatures in the Courtyard of Frank-Loeb House
16 to 18 June 2017, Frank-Loebsches Haus, Landau i. d. Pfalz

Ottmar Hörl - Sculpture
from 23 June 2017, Kunst und Kultur am Dachsberg, Blindeninstitut Rückersdorf [Art and Culture at Dachsberg, Institute for the Blind Rückersdorf]

We love Animals 
1 July to 15 October 2017, Kunstmuseum Ravensburg

Pretty Best Friends
7 July to 9 July 2017, an exhibition of Galerie ABTART,
Spitalhof, Filderbahnstraße 29, 70567 Stuttgart