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Photo: Benjamin Maihöfer


Group Exhibition "Glasshouse", Untergröningen

A special kind of exhibition will open on 18 March: "An Approach to the Inexplicable" – as the Kunstverein KiSS im Schloss Untergröningen art association, the organiser of the event, has called it. The eponymous "Glasshouse" is symptomatic of the world in which we live and where we are constantly involved in throwing stones.

Within this fragile home, interdependent ecosystems keep appearing and disappearing, the future begins to emerge, the past recedes – and we humans find ourselves in the middle of these transformations.
All of a sudden, in this unfathomable cycle, small snails in various colours appear. In contrast to Homo sapiens, they are evolutionary survivors. Created by Ottmar Hörl, the snails also display a serial structural element. The artist conceives of this structural component as a fundamental ingredient of modern society.

He also takes up the idea by showing a pack of wolf sculptures which also refers to the wild, original natural state characteristic of the "Glasshouse". By tolerating wolves, man assumed he could mend or "repair" nature to a certain extent, and restore balance in nature. However, ultimately, nature is uncontrollable. On a small scale, this is also reflected in the many conflicts that follow from the migration of wolves. When it comes to repairs, man cannot keep track of all of nature's "regulating screws" since nature follows a different reality than that which man imagines.

Such reality has by now been confirmed by scientists from many different camps; it also forms the basis of the statements and warnings made by climate activist Greta Thunberg. Because she dares to show reality in an unembellished way, she divides opinion. Meanwhile, many people even consider her a bogeyman. Ottmar Hörl's sculpture depicting Greta Thunberg stands as a symbol of this indecision evident in society.

A total of 26 artists are involved in this exhibition organised by the Kunstverein.
The installation at Schloss Untergröningen in Abtsgmünd-Untergröningen can be seen from 18 March to
30 July 2023.

For more details visit: https://www.kiss-untergroeningen.de
Link to Wolf in the Ottmar Hörl Online Shop


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