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Photo: Uwe Dettmar


Sculptural installation "Rose bianche", Frankfurt

At the moment, five hundred white roses created by Ottmar Hörl are covering Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz at Campus Westend of Frankfurt's Goethe University. 

The serial installation, together with a German-Italian photo project about the pandemic, is a tribute to the victims of the COVID-19 crisis and the carers who achieved superhuman feats, and still continue to do so. The pictures from Bergamo, Italy, in the spring of last year, in particular, have left a deep impression on everyone. The installation is on view from 24 November to 3 December. A year ago, initiated by the German-Italian Goethe-Vigoni Discorsi consortium, a memorial made up of Ottmar Hörl's white roses was inaugurated at Villa Vigoni, 65 kilometres outside Bergamo. With its current installation, Goethe University connects with this memorial, at the same time opening up a potential for future development: because the white roses, all of which were hand-signed by the artist, can be purchased with the proceeds going to the Deutschlandstipendien (Germany scholarships) for students to study at Goethe University – to promote science and research in spite of the ongoing pandemic.

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