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Exhibition: "Ottmar Hörl. Serienproduktion [Serial Production]", Opelvillen Rüsselsheim, 1997. Photo: Werner Scheuermann


Visiting with Ottmar Hörl "Worldview Models" ARTMAPP talking to the artist. Author: Marc Peschke

In December 2020, Reiner Brouwer and Marc Peschke (ARTMAPP) went to see Ottmar Hörl in Wertheim to have a chat with him. Here's a brief extract:

It turns out that " having a conversation with Hörl about art and all the world is an inspiring, intense, fast-paced affair. We stayed for almost six hours. How time flies. Sitting in the wintry semi-darkness with coffee, talking about encounters that took place half a lifetime ago – and about new things like Hörl's exhibition at the Indang Museum in Daegu, South Korea, organised in collaboration with the Bode Gallery, and his participation in the 8th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture, 'Bad RagARTz', this spring.

Hörl's work "Rede an die Menschheit" [A Speech to All Humanity] from 1997, was also discussed (see photo):

"The piece 'Rede an die Menschheit' [A Speech to All Humanity] is deeply rooted in the principles of democracy and solidarity. It is the objectification of the draft of a global, non-partisan idea – beyond any ideology, selfishness, arrogance, or dominance of economic interests. It is about the idea that suitably competent people in charge would give a speech to all humanity from time to time – a speech based on reason, knowledge, and facts about the actual state of the world, a speech drawn up as a summary of all relevant problems that must be solved in order to collectively ensure the survival of all mankind. A speech as a convincing appeal so that every individual feels personally addressed to take responsibility for the environment and the survival of future generations, to act and to pull together. The work is a metaphor for the potential of human consciousness and the further development of society as a whole, it is an appeal and an expression of hope at the same time."


Excerpt by courtesy of Reiner Brouwer.

ARTMAPP Magazin, volume 10, issue 26 – April 2021, pp. 96-105

The quotation is taken from page 105.

Read the full interview here

The complete ARTMAPP magazine is also available for download from here

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