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Collector's edition "Ping & Pong", Artikel-Editionen, 2019

Multiple edition:

Ottmar Hörl, Ping & Pong

Table tennis racket set with two portraits

as silkscreen appliqués

in tampon printed aluminium case, 31 x 23 x 7 cm

collector's edition: 35 copies + 3 AP

Artikel Editionen 2019

260,- EUR

There is reason to doubt that Ottmar Hörl has created a friendly match alluding to 1970s ping-pong diplomacy.
It's more likely that the trade of blows between the United States and North Korea has been objectified here – given the fact that the two sides of the rackets show the faces of Trump and Jong-un in delicate silkscreen prints – Trump on red and Jong-un on black.

As an art admirer (and table tennis player) one might ask oneself what will happen when one misses a ball. After all, each opponent never tires of insisting on having "the biggest nuclear button" on his desk …

It's a good job that two replacement balls come with the set.

Hörl’s Ping & Pong has been issued in a collector's edition of 35 copies + 3 AP, and is available from http://www.artikel-editionen.com/en/articles/ping-pong at 260.00 euros each.

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