Ihr Warenkorb ist leer.

Photo: Eva Schickler


Sculptural installation "Jeder gegen Jeden - Everyone against everyone", Kunsthalle Schweinfurt

You feel being in the line of fire? Feeling like you are eyed on?
Then you are (hopefully) visiting the exhibition "Jeder gegen Jeden - Everyone against everyone" in the Kunsthalle of Schweinfurt.
The show is running from 26th of July up to 27th of October 2019.


This exhibition is an "opening match" (Ottmar Hörl) where gnomish figures are setting their small Berettas' sights on their neighbours – after all, attack is the best form of defence. Specially in small size.

What Ottmar Hörl wishes to show in this exhibition is how the way we are dealing with one another in society has changed.

It seems as if friendly encounters and an interest in anything different have come to an end. Small-minded egomaniacs have taken control instead, playing with fire and stoking fears – preferably remaining anonymous and undetected in the process.

Is our democracy in checkmate already? Has it lost its royal dignity to small peasant pawns running amok?

What is revealed about our present age if it is being scrutinised in an exhibition in such a way?

And what is revealed about us, the observers?


visit the website of Kunsthalle Schweinfurt
Flyer of the exhibition
watch the video of tvmainfranken




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