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Press conference for the Ludwig van Beethoven project in 2019

A citizens' campaign under the name of "OUR LUDWIG" marks the kick-off of a new Beethoven picture. At a press conference in Bonn, Ottmar Hörl recently presented his concept and the prototype of the sculpture, which is a deliberate portrayal of a smiling Beethoven.

Hörl's idea: to carry a more amiable picture of Beethoven from Bonn into the world. "To musicians, he is a god. Beethoven's compositions are of grandiose sensitivity and revolutionary power. But all the world knows him only as a grumpy character. High time for a paradigm shift in collective visual perception," says Ottmar Hörl.

The Beethoven sculptures will measure about one metre in height and will be placed in front of the Beethoven Monument in Bonn's Münsterplatz square in the spring of 2019 as part of an art installation lasting several days - 500 sculptures in both green and gold as a strong sign in favour of Bonn as the city of Beethoven, a kind of impulse that, as Ottmar Hörl says, "is to inspire people to come up with a new picture of Beethoven."

Two associations, city-marketing bonn and Bürger für Beethoven, have launched the "OUR LUDWIG" citizens' campaign to promote the project. They intend to enlist at least 500 Beethoven patrons to purchase a Beethoven sculpture. When the installation closes, the sponsors can take their figures home, and use them as a sign of personal commitment to the Beethoven anniversary. Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan has agreed to act as patron for the project.



Bonner Szene TV reports on the project "Ludwig van Beethoven"

Bonner Szene TV reports on the project "Ludwig van Beethoven"

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