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Photo: Dieter Schenk, City Eltville am Rhein, from left to right: Mayor Patrick Kunkel, Head of project Barbara Lilje, Artist Ottmar Hörl


Black Magic: gutenberg@eltville

As the cultural highlight of the 2018 Gutenberg commemoration year, the City of Eltville am Rhein presents a unique, temporary sculpture installation entitled "Black Magic: gutenberg@eltville".

On 22 May 2018, the sculpture was first presented at a press conference.

"He's the first media tycoon. There are few people who have changed the world to such extent, and achieved such an effect as Gutenberg," says Ottmar Hörl.

His favourite is the black Gutenberg, which is based on the colour of book printing, Hörl revealed. Barbara Lilje from the City of Eltville explained what the other two colours stand for. The red version is reminiscent of sealing wax, while the golden version symbolises the brass buckles that once adorned books.

The installation featuring more than 150 serial sculptures can be enjoyed in the grounds of the Electoral Castle for five weeks, from 18 August to 23 September 2018. It is accompanied by a wide-ranging supporting programme. The proceeds from the sale of the sculptures will be used towards preserving the Electoral Castle. The patron of the art project is Volker Bouffier, the Prime Minister of the State of Hesse.

Anyone interested can reserve "their" Gutenberg now at the subscription price using the order form below, and take the figure home as soon as the exhibition is over.


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