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Detail from the "Naturschauspiel" [Natural Wonders] series, photo: Anette Kradisch


Exhibition: "Flow" (paintings and photo concepts), Galerie ABTART

From 13 April to 15 June 2018, Galerie ABTART will be presenting abstract paintings and photographs by Ottmar Hörl in an exhibition entitled "Flow".

Ottmar Hörl's series of paintings (first started in 2017) features monochrome nonfigurative painting. The titles, structures, and colours used are reminiscent of plant structures, of nature, or even Albrecht Dürer's "The Large Piece of Turf". In 1982, Ottmar Hörl first started to develop an innovative approach to photography, dispensing with an individual mark of the artist. It is not the photographer's eye that captures the landscape through the viewfinder, but a camera in motion. The photographic image of a landscape dissolves into a vortex of colour. All this results in an extended definition of photography and an attempt to "create room for the human intention in a world dominated by apparatuses" (quotation from Vilém Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photography).

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GROUP EXHIBITION: "Leben im Krieg" ("Wartime life")
Historisches Museum Hanau Schloss Philippsruhe
Philippsruher Allee 45, Hanau
Extended to 27. March 2022
Tue-Sun 11 am to 6 pm

GROUP EXHIBITION: "kugelrund" ("Globated")
Forum Kunst Rottweil
Friedrichsplatz 4
Opening Saturday, 13. November, 7 pm
14. November 2021 to 02. January 2022

Kunsthalle Schweinfurt
Rüffertstraße 4
97421 Schweinfurt
07. April to 26.June 2022
Tu – Su 10 am to 5 pm, Thu 10 am to 9 pm