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WELT-RAUM-FORSCHUNG [Exploration of the World and Space]

In his exhibition at the 13th edition of art KARLSRUHE, Ottmar Hörl is focussing on WELT-RAUM-FORSCHUNG, or the exploration of the world and space. The white cube of the exhibition stand becomes the scene of a sculptural invasion and a place for an unusual encounter: serial astronaut creatures are conquering space and holding out their hands to visitors for a handshake. 

The majority of Germans believe that aliens exist. Are they here now? If so, what next? In his tongue-in-cheek manner and using a hint of subversive irony, Hörl illustrates the way we are dealing with the unfamiliar and how uncertain we are when faced with different civilisations and cultures, an issue that is at once timeless and highly topical. He invites us to question points of view and reflect on gestures, moral concepts and a serial open-arms policy.

Dubbed "Reisebegleiter", or travel companions, asteroids captured on a series of large-scale photographs, are making their rounds in the deep darkness of space. Scientists assume that there are millions of asteroids in the solar system, 702,096 of which have been identified so far. However, the ones shown here neither come from the universe, nor have these pictures been released by NASA. They are, in fact, genuine creations by Ottmar Hörl, who, in this way, adds a sculptural dimension to the act of photography, at the same time questioning our perception of reality and pointing up the fundamental concept of creation.



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Kloster Bentlage, Rheine
3 May to 23 June 2019 (further presentations are planed until 2020 at different places)

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Johannes Brus & Ottmar Hörl, in cooperation with Edition Minerva der Kunsthandel Verlag GmbH
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Artist talk concerning intercommunal Museumsnacht [Museums Night] at Schorndorf
with Ottmar Hörl and moderator Susanne Kaufmann (SWR)
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18 May 2019, 7.30 pm
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