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Sponti vacation

In 2006, Ottmar Hörl developed today's Sponti gnome. Ever since, the figure has offered tongue-in-cheek provocation, called for playful disobedience and went off to many different private spaces scattered all over the globe.


What’s your Sponti doing this summer? Enjoying the view from the balcony, relaxing in the living room, or going on a hike? Post a holiday picture of your Sponti and take a look at our interactive world map to find out where other Spontis have settled.

Garden gnomes in art and in the oeuvre of Ottmar Hörl

On gestures, signs and titles of the German Sponti movement

Information on participation, data entry and use of data

Be part of the unique virtual art campaign and publish your Sponti photo.

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Lilly Makram
Tübingen, Germany
Lilly Makram
Tübingen, Germany
Lilly Makram
Tübingen, Germany
Gerald Grundschober
Hintersdorf, Austria
Giuls e Enri
Genova , Italy
Schwetzingen, Germany
Sabina Rogala
Herrli erg, Switzerland
St Brévin, France
Bruguières , France