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Sponti, 2006

2006 Ottmar Hörl developed the todays design of the Sponti gnome.

"Unlike all other garden gnomes, however, Hörl's gnomes are notable for their reduction to the essentials. Characteristic elements such as the beard, jacket, trousers, and footwear are deliberately rendered in a clear-cut shape. This gives the figures a fresh look that is both timeless and universal at the same time. In fact, Hörl's gnomes are the formal essence of the garden gnome as such. A difference becomes evident when comparing Sponti gnomes created in 1994 with those from 2006. By developing his own models for the gnomes, Ottmar Hörl has succeeded in capturing the essence of the garden gnome as an iconic archetype in cultural history. It comes as no surprise then that the figures have achieved cult status." Eva Schickler, Art Historian M.A.


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