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Luther meets Zwingli, 2014

Luther meets Zwingli, installation with 32 Sculptures at Limmatquai, Zürich

"Luther meets Zwingli" – in this art event, confirmands from the Lutheran parishes in Switzerland and the Grossmünster Reformed parish set up Luther figures around the Zwingli monument. Passers-by were given oral and written information on the historical background. Staged in the run-up to the Zurich business conference organised by the International Martin Luther Foundation, the event closed with an oecumenical celebration of the Eucharist at Wasserkirche church.

Martin Luther and Huldrych Zwingli met only once in their lives. Before this historic encounter, the two great reformers had battled one another in their writings ever since, in 1525, a dispute over the Eucharist had developed between them.

Excerpt from an online posting on www.ref.ch (http://www.ref.ch/kirche-kultur/32-kleine-luther-zu-fuessen-zwinglis/ )

Photos: Vera Markus


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