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Bearers of Secrets (unicoloured set), 2006

Bearers of Secrets (unicoloured set), 2006 new colour

See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing

Set of three multiples, each 37 x 17 x 10 cm, HÖRL engraved

plastic material, yellow, red, white, black, golden with UV coating, silver

unsigned 130 euros

signed 300 euros (500 copies per colour; pink: 250 Ex.)


 SPECIAL OFFER: Some Bearers of Secrets sculptures in pink available! 


Single gnomes are also available::

unsigned 50 Euro

signed 130 Euro (500 copies per colour; pink: 250 Ex.)

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> Bearers of Secrets (multi-coloured set)

> Bearer of Secrets Hear Nothing

> Bearer of Secrets Say Nothing

> Bearer of Secrets See Nothing


unsigned signed


130,00 Euro

incl. VAT plus shipping costs
Weight: 1,34 kg
ready for dispatch in 3 to 4 business days

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