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How are Ottmar Hörl's sculptures produced?

Where are the sculptures produced and where does the plastic material come from?

Why may there be small deviations by the sculptures?

Are the sculptures break-proof as well as weather-proof?

What can I do for extra wind and theft protection in outdoor locations?

Which tools are suitable for cleaning and maintaining the sculptures?

Signed and unsigned sculptures: what's the difference?

Which methods of payment are available in the Ottmar Hörl Online Shop?

Can I make tax-free purchases in the Ottmar Hörl Online Shop?

Shipping: shipping costs, parcel services commissioned, shipping times

My sculpture needs to be reworked. What do I do?

I want to collect my sculptures from you. Can I come along?

Why are some sculptures limited in their order quantaties?

You are an art dealer and would like to include our sculptures in your portfolio as a reseller?

I'm interested in other works of Ottmar Hörl. What can I do?

How do I store the figures?

How long is the delivery time?