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"Stand by me" sculptural project, 2023

As ambassadors of peace, angels take on a very special symbolic power during the jubilee year of "375 Years of Peace of Westphalia". Conceptual artist Ottmar Hörl has devoted himself to the subject of "guardian angels", creating gold-coloured figures that symbolise the tension between church, state, and power. He formerly presented these sculptures in Paderborn and Munich, followed by Ingolstadt and London. The city of Telgte is highly pleased to have succeeded in winning the conceptual artist for a sculptural installation featuring Guardian Angels in Telgte to mark the 375th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia.

Ottmar Hörl on his idea behind the Guardian Angels installation:
"The guardian angel represents a unique link between earthly and indifferent, heavenly powers. For me, earthly power is formally defined by the Basic Law: 'All state power emanates from the people.' However, different people define, and interpret, the phenomenon of power in individual terms. They also experience power in individual ways. 'The people' is made up of people with very individual ideas, notions, fears, and concerns. And this is where traditions, myths, or heavenly powers come into play. The fact that, according to a survey by GEO magazine, 66 percent of Germans trust in the assistance of guardian angels is also related to this. That got me thinking. Because the idea of a guardian angel ultimately has to do with the fact that people feel that this life is always somehow exposed to danger. As such, the guardian angel has a symbolic, mediating role. Especially in conflict situations, in moments when it would be a good thing if there were a miracle or a higher power. The guardian angel is there for emergencies. It can only fulfil its calling if you have done everything to help yourself. That's why my guardian angel adopts such a thoughtful pose."

Cf.: Ottmar Hörl. Rede an die Menschheit. Trier, Berlin, 2010, pp. 250/251

Guardian Angels for everyone!
Everyone who encounters the installation, becomes part of the art project. After having been presented to the general public, the installation will be dismantled. The shift from the public to the private sphere is part of the artist's concept. The 111 angels from the installation have already been sold. More Guardian Angel sculptures are available from the Ottmar Hörl Online Shop.

The installation will be displayed in front of the façade of the Church of St. Clemens in Telgte until 3 July 2023.

Text sources: Stadt Telgte and Eva Schickler

Find out more about the installation by visiting: https://www.telgte.de
Download the flyer for the installation
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