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Sculptural installation "Lunch Break", 2019

This installation, a collaboration with KHBT architecture studio based in London and Berlin, relies on a sophisticated combination of architecture and art. Guardian angels are taking a rest on a swing – something one might actually be worried about. This special lunch break makes use of an existing wire grid of the so-called "St Paul's Plinth", which was designed by ScottWhitbyStudio in conjunction with Arup for the 2018 London Festival of Architecture.

This year's theme for the festival centres on "Boundaries". There is a place beyond any kind of limitations, lines of demarcation or boundaries, a place in illimitable no man's land, as it were. This place is made accessible by creativity. Thus, this amusing installation makes art, architecture and resting angels meet and take a short break, inviting passers-by to join in for that break. From this angle, they will gain a completely new view of St Paul's Cathedral.

The "Lunch Break" installation is on display by St Paul's underground station in London from 3 June 2019 to March 2020. For a short break at home, you may order your own guardian angel sculpture by Ottmar Hörl (without swing). The figures are available for purchase in different colours from the online shop. 

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