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Wölfe im Schloss [Wolves at the Castle], 2018

Sculptural installation featuring 55 wolves at Schloss zu Hopferau to mark the 550th anniversary of the castle

The question as to whether there is still room for wolves in today's cultural landscape is a matter open to debate - or well worth a visit. On the cultivated landscape of the palace grounds at Hopferau, near Füssen, a pack of wolves has found a space for itself. To mark the 550th anniversary of Schloss zu Hopferau, there are 55 of them. Up to 31 August 2018, they can be spotted in the meadows, under trees, by the terrace, peering at the fish in the castle lake and, in Ottmar Hörl's words, providing food for thought and discussion.Wolves are a fitting match for a former hunting lodge, found Bernd H. Rath, the lord of the castle, thus hitting a highly topical issue, as current discussions show. The desire not to restrict art to an elite circle, but to offer it to everyone, is a credo that connects the artist and the lord of the castle. "I work for everyone in society, not just the three percent of those interested in art who find their way into galleries," says Hörl. And Rath truly hopes that the sculptures will encourage more people to enter the castle walls.

The installation is accompanied by other sculptures and paintings by Ottmar Hörl, on display and for sale in the historical rooms of Schloss zu Hopferau. For the exhibition, Ottmar Hörl developed a new series of unique work entitled "Ödland" [Wasteland]. These paintings clearly reveal Hörl's sculptural approach, his special grasp of space and sculptural dimensions. The result is a breathtaking dynamism and depth of image, creating a force that appears to draw viewers in, a force that is hard to escape.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the purple wolves, simply reserve your copy at the castle. When the exhibition closes, you can take your wolf home with you.

Source: Allgäu-Kultur
Photos: Schloss zu Hopferau 


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