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Second Life – 100 Arbeiter [100 Labourers], 2018

Exhibition: "Second Life – 100 Arbeiter" [Second Life – 100 Labourers], Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte [Völklingen Ironworks World Heritage Site]

His installation entitled "Second Life – 100 Labourers" draws the eye to a universal issue focussing on nothing short of a range of topics centring round manpower, economic structural change and its repercussions on the social structure, hence on existential dimensions of being human as such.

The history of the Völklingen Ironworks stands as a paradigm of human vigour and structural change.

The history of mankind is characterised by recurrent phases of fundamental change, with generations of labourers losing their jobs. The next structural change is just around the corner. What do progress and change imply for society and for the individual? What will change when the day comes that the greater part of the workload is being handled by machines and computers? The installation raises exciting questions concerning working world 4.0. "Second Life – 100 Labourers" is an invitation to visitors to Völklinger Hütte to enter into a discussion, and contemplate this multifaceted issue.


Translation of a text by Eva Schickler

Copyright Photos and Video: Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte [Völklingen Ironworks World Heritage Site]/Wolfgang Klauke

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