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Sculptural project "Mensch Albert", 2018

Sculptural project at Münsterplatz Ulm with 500 respectful implemented Einstein Sculptures

"It is a pleasure to deal with the thoughts, writings and insights of the physics genius," says conceptual artist Hörl. The principle of discourse is emphasised by the seriality of the installation in Münsterplatz square and the exhibition shown at the Ulm Museum. "Due to the relative neutrality of the Einstein figure, it serves as a projection screen on which people can project their own thoughts, and perhaps also ask themselves new questions. It's not that I prescribe any particular tendency as a way of thinking. We are not dealing with a classic monument here, but with a work that functions as a model of communication. The idea that every visitor can participate in this artistic concept develops from the serial sequence. This corresponds to the basic idea of the democratic principle of equality, which is also the basis of educational institutions. Albert Einstein changed our world view. Not only as a scientist, but also as a cosmopolitan and pacifist. To this day, he is a great source of inspiration for generations of people and he is more topical than ever. He also had a brilliant sense of humour," says Ottmar Hörl about "Ulm's most famous son".

From 6 May to 3 June 2018, the Einstein figures can be admired in Ulm's Münsterplatz square. At the same time, the Ulm Museum is showing an exhibition of current paintings, text elements, sculptures and photo concepts by Ottmar Hörl making reference to Einstein's research interests.

Translation of a text by Eva Schickler

Photos: Eva Schickler, Cornelius Bierer


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