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Black Magic: gutenberg@eltville, 2018

Sculptural installation at Eltville's Electoral Castle

In his opening address for the "Black Magic: gutenberg@eltville" exhibition at Eltville am Rhein, Hessian state secretary Kai Klose emphasised the fact that Ottmar Hörl's art installation draws particular attention to the impact of Johannes Gutenberg. By inventing letterpress printing with movable type around 1450, he changed the history of media and culture throughout the world revolutionising the distribution of information. His family had close ties to the City of Eltville. "Forms of communication and information technologies have constantly been changing over time. This gives art a special meaning establishing a connection between the past and the present. What Ottmar Hörl's sculptures achieve is this: they make us look back at the past, but also direct our attention to the present and the future; at the same time, they inspire spectators to get involved and think for themselves," said Klose. Volker Bouffier, the Prime Minister of the State of Hesse, is the patron of the art project.

Source: Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration press release

The installation comprising more than 150 serial sculptures will remain on show in the grounds of the Electoral Castle for five weeks, running until 23 September 2018.

©Markus Kohz, effect Werbeatelier e.K., 2018
©Wolfgang Günzel, 2018

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