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Falada, 2017

Sculptural project "Falada" in Dülmen, 2017

In collaboration with the Dülmener Kunstverein art society and the Designlager, Horse Heads created by Ottmar Hörl will be on show in Dülmen's urban space until the end of August. Attached to the walls of different houses, the installation visualises Dülmen's symbol, wild horses. For the first time, the traditional Wild Horse Catch at Merfelder Bruch near Dülmen is accompanied by an art installation, whose title, "Falada", refers to the talking horse head featuring in "The Goose Girl", one of the fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.

An exhibition presented at the Dülmen Designlager entitled "Figurinen – Skulpturen von Ottmar Hörl 1994-2017" [Figurines – Sculptures by Ottmar Hörl, 1994-2017] complements the art event. Visitors are invited to find out more about the original installations where Ottmar Hörl’s sculptures were first presented.

Fotos: Maria Nitschmann, Lichtbildatelier Münster 


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