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Mole, 2016

Mole installation to mark the premiere of the new programme at the Stuttgart Renitenztheater

To highlight the media satire "Der Maulwurf – Wühlkommen in den Verhältnissen" [The mole – welcome to the circumstances], staged at Renitenztheater Stuttgart, Ottmar Hörl is drawing everyone's attention to the cabaret piece with a number of temporary mole installations that will appear and disappear in different locations in Stuttgart in the run-up to and during the programme season. Thus, the artist triggers interest in thinking about the issue.


About the cabaret piece "Der Maulwurf – Wühlkommen in den Verhältnissen" [The mole – welcome to the circumstances]

The cabaret piece was written by René Sydow and Daniel Hedfeld, and is directed by Hans Holzbecher, one of the most successful German directors in the cabaret scene. The action is set in a Stuttgart-based website team, where three editors, pushed by an overeager senior editor, are forced to decide every day which opinion will be publicly edited, and which will not. The protagonists are surveilled, intercepted, and prompted to marvel at and think about what's going on. For there is a so-called mole, someone who continues to counter the prevalent opinion, thus rising to become a secret star of the online community.


"Culture makes sure that structures of propaganda are revealed and political ideologies are questioned and put in perspective. The Renitenztheater's play is a contemporary contribution to this approach," says Ottmar Hörl.


Photos: FerdinandoIannone, Eva Schickler

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