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"Hörls Tierleben" [Hörl's Life of Animals] installation: 11 September to 3 October 2016 in Waiblingen

In automn Waiblingen's kleine Erleninsel, or little alder island, is home to a number of rare animal sculptures. Newfoundland and Rottweiler dogs, pugs, papillon dogs, penguins, suricates, frogs, owls, hens, cocks, ravens, doves, snails, sea lions, rats and ermines are arranged to form an unparalleled installation that is open to the public.


The project is Ottmar Hörl's first realisation of an idea of his known as Hörl's Menagerie. At the same time, its title, "Hörls Tierleben" [Hörl's Life of Animals], is a reference to the cultural significance of Brehm's Life of Animals, a major zoological reference work.



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Photos: Eva Schickler, Rainer Kwiotek/Zeitenspiegel


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