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Theodor Fontane "Wanderer between the Worlds", 2016

"Wanderer between the Worlds" sculptural project featuring 400 Theodor Fontane sculptures in front of Kulturkirche St. Marien in Neuruppin

Ottmar Hörl's installation featuring Fontane sculptures refers to Fontane's comprehensive work, Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg [Ramblings through Brandenburg]. It presents the author as a cosmopolitan, reflective wanderer between the worlds. The installation is an invitation to everyone to rediscover Fontane and gain a new perspective on landscape, language and on movement in time and space.

In the five volumes, the writer describes castles, monasteries, places and the countryside in the Brandenburg region as well as the locals and their history. The impressions and historical findings that Fontane gathered while writing his Wanderungen between 1862 and 1889, formed the basis for some of his major novels such as Effi Briest and The Stechlin. Like no other author, Fontane has been celebrated for his writings about travels and travelling. He has explored Europe’s topography on his own initiative, and described his ramblings with lasting impact even for us today. Ottmar Hörl’s Fontane sculpture portrays the writer as a cosmopolitan wanderer between the worlds.

The sculptural project is accompanied by an exhibition, running at Kulturkirche until 10 July. The show visualises Fontane's travelogue Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg [Ramblings through Brandenburg], using excerpts from the book combined with photo concepts by Ottmar Hörl depicting local forests.


Photos: Kulturkirche Neuruppin, Marten Koerner, Eva Schickler


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