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Franz Josef Strauß, 2015

One hundred years of Franz Josef Strauß

On 6 Sep 2015, Franz Josef Strauß's birthday is celebrated for the 100th time. Strauß is remembered, above all, as a passionate politician, a man of the people and rubbing shoulders with the people. He is also remembered as a brilliantly eloquent speaker who, with his quick wit, did not shun controversy.

With a spontaneous guerilla art installation made up of several dozen serial Franz Josef Strauß figures, Ottmar Hörl is drawing attention to this anniversary, inviting people to engage in a debate. Making an inviting gesture, they turned up spontaneously, on their own or in groups, at various places in Munich, e.g. at the Residence, in Marienplatz square, at the opera or the CSU headquarters, puzzling and welcoming passers-by and tourists in Munich.

"They were then left to their own devices, remaining where they were until picked up by someone. This effect of disappearing is deliberate, it is part of the plan. The whole project is intended as a gift to the public." (Ottmar Hörl)


Photos: Werner Scheuermann

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