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Goethe, 2014

Sculptural project featuring 400 multiples to commemorate the centenary of Goethe University, set up on Campus Westend in Frankfurt am Main

"Goethe is one of the most fascinating characters from Frankfurt. He was cosmopolitan, curious, thinking outside the box and developed an incredibly broad horizon in many fields, all of which may inspire future generations. I don't see culture as a hierarchical concept but instead strive for as many people in a society as possible to be involved with culture." (Ottmar Hörl)

The 2014 jubilee inspires a specific dialogue between Goethe University as "the most important enterprise in Frankfurt" and those who live in the city and the region. To create a link to the "broader public", artist Ottmar Hörl, who also has close ties with the city of Frankfurt, was invited by representatives of the university to make a public installation in front of the building’s main entrance on Campus Westend. In this way, Goethe the personality, Goethe the man, Goethe the promoter of culture, Goethe the scientist, multiplied by more than 400 Goethe sculptures (created in the colours of the historical faculties) will be visible and leave his mark on a large open meadow in front of the IG Farben Building. Seeing and experiencing the sculptural project, will immediately cause beholders to assess the scene while themselves being touched by it, creating a very personal moment of reminiscence.


Photos: Simeon Johnke

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