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Scouts, 2012

Sculptural project as part of the Arche 2012 open air exhibition in the monastic yard of the former Benedictine Abbey in Seligenstadt

The area within the confines of the abbey that serves as a sheltered area, a shrine and womb of the Church, thus corresponding to the concept of the Ark, becomes a platform for modern ideas and personal views of the age-old subject of the Ark, an issue that turns out to be surprisingly topical: on the one hand, there is mass hysteria caused by the belief in the end of the world as predicted for 2012 by the Maya calendar; on the other hand, level-headed scientists are setting up modern-day Noah's Arks in the guise of genetic libraries preserving the genetic material of all species on this planet for future generations. The exhibition will feature sculptural works by Madeleine Dietz, Ingrid Hornef, Ottmar Hörl, Georg Hüter, Nicolas Kerksieck, Titus Lerner and Christian Rösner.

Photos: Werner Scheuermann

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