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Homestory, 2011

Sculptural project "Homestory" featuring 1,000 golden cocks, set up in Karl-August-Jung-Platz in the garden town of Haan

"For my sculptural projects I intend to seize a living space that meets certain functions and offers a new way of perceiving the familiar through my intervention. The picture of an array of one thousand life-size golden cocks on the green surface of Karl-August-Jung-Platz will have a strong impact on public memory."

The cock appearing on the municipal coat of arms served the artist as a model for his "Homestory" sculptural project in Haan. This particular chicken breed is referred to as a "Bergischer Long Crower" and is seen as a symbol of the citizens’ fighting spirit when it came to defending the interests of their native town. The bird is said to have been brought home from a crusade by the Count of Berg in 1190.

"This statement is the leitmotif of my sculptural project: the assertive golden bird thus represents the alert and dedicated citizen," says Ottmar Hörl.
Photos: Sven Hoffmann


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