Ihr Warenkorb ist leer.

Most Wanted, 2011

Sculpture as a principle of organisation and the metamorphosis of the spray banana: Ottmar Hörl meets Thomas Baumgärtel, Galerie Trinkkur, Bad Nauheim

Multiples and spray paintings by Ottmar Hörl, Wertheim and Thomas Baumgärtel, Cologne
A kunstvoll e.V. project in collaboration with the City of Bad Nauheim, cultural department.

The "kunstvoll e. V." art society and the cultural department of Bad Nauheim are presenting the first joint exhibition of two of the most famous German project artists at the Trinkkur Gallery in Bad Nauheims Trinkkur health establishment. Visitors will be greeted by a conception specially developed by the two remarkable artists for this exhibition that will surprise, enthrall and fascinate visitors. Ottmar Hörl will be showing his "most wanted" multiple, a "gnome performing the Hilter salute". The rotunda of the Trinkkur Gallery will accommodate another Hörl installation meant to take visitors by surprise. The artist will furthermore be presenting a number of his classics. Thomas Baumgärtel's banana spray paintings will also be part of the exhibition. To match the headline of "most wanted", the world's most notorious criminals will be incorporated in these works. (Excerpt from a "kunstvoll e.V. press release.)

Photos: Jürgen Wegener

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