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Requiem for Vincent, 2011

Room for Associations on Art and Vincent Van Gogh as an Artist, Städtische Galerie [Municipal Gallery], Neunkirchen

Taken literally, the "Requiem for Vincent" mentioned in the title of the exhibition presented in Neunkirchen could have been a piece of music. However, visitors are faced with the artist's photo concept that refers to similar projects realised by Ottmar Hörl since 1983.

"My photo concepts developed when I realised that when I take a photograph, the greatest element of uncertainty am I myself. Because I only take photos of those things I know, I have learnt about, or I'm familiar with. What I wanted, though, was a photo I didn't know. And that's when I realised that I had to change my approach. I stopped looking through the viewfinder."

The series "Requiem for Vincent", comprising a total of 36 analogue photos, was created using a manipulated camera that was fixed to a wheel travelling along a field of sunflowers.

"The camera was taking pictures all by itself and therefore was independent of my aesthetic concept. The result, the exposed film, only represented itself." The phenomena of place, time, space, movement and direction are shown in an uncensored sequence. However, the title of the work provides an associative bridge for the visitor: a link to Vincent Van Gogh and the sunflowers he painted more than 120 years ago.

Photos from the Exhibition: Werner Scheuermann, Städtische Galerie Neunkirchen

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