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Penguin, 2006

Sculptural project "Penguin – The Exposed Animal", exhibition project of the KISS art society in Untergröningen Castle Untergröningen e.V.

The animal is the central object of the 7th art and culture summer of the KISS art society. We reduced the vast and multifaceted subject of animals depicted in art to the relationships between human beings and animals. The animal coexistence is consequently the true subject of this multi-media exhibition project featuring paintings, graphics, drawings, photography, sculpture, videos, room installations and performances, as shown in 23 works from international contemporary artists. Only in art can the untamed stand its ground in the face of the saintly and microorganisms can show their real grandeur. Professor Ottmar Hörl is represented in the exhibition with a sculptural project featuring penguin multiples.


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Foto: Werner Scheuermann

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Penguin Festival, 2015

Sculptural project featuring 120 penguins at Edinburgh Zoo, Scottland

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