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Rottweiler Dog, 2005

Sculptural project featuring 500 Rottweiler Dogs at Erich Hauser sculpture park of the Erich Hauser Art Foundation and in the pedestrian zone in Rottweil

On the grounds of the Erich Hauser Art Foundation, Ottmar Hörl staged an encounter of 500 Rottweiler dogs with Erich Hauser's stainless steel sculptures created in the period between the 1960s and 1990s. The life-size seated Rottweiler Dogs – multiples made of plastic – entered a dialogue with the vertical and abstract works by Erich Hauser. Visitors thus perceived an implied tension between reproduction and original, the figurative and the abstract, intention and effect. The sculpture park was transformed into a space triggering sensuous experience in which every visitor had to find their own position.

Upon the closing of the exhibition at Erich Hauser sculpture park, the Rottweiler dogs migrated into the municipal area of Rottweil and people had a chance to purchase a Rottweiler multiple.


Photos: Jürgen Knubben

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