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Raven, 2005

Sculptural Project “Landscape with Ravens” at Bückeburg Castle Park

The concept for this unique art presentation was "hatched" in a dialog between Alexander Duke of Schaumburg-Lippe and the Nuremberg artist Ottmar Hörl.  Duke and artist have agreed on a "Landscape with Ravens". Why ravens? And why black and white ones?

"With the realized components of black and white I want to express the general ambivalence projected on the raven. Though at first, very real facts gave the direction. It is a known fact that ravens come together as a couple already before they have reached sexual maturity and remain true to each other until the end of their lives". Likewise, two crows were the symbol of matrimony in Greece. - "At the same time, ravens - especially the common raven - are the most intelligent songbirds. The more intensively you deal with the subject of the raven myth the more respect you will gain. Even if I see one on the shoulders of a wizard or a witch it opens more room for my imagination than for instance a dove would", Ottmar Hörl says.



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