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Photo: Wolfgang Günzel

"Ludwig II" sculptural installation
To commemorate King Ludwig II's 173rd birthday, Professor Ottmar Hörl presented an art installation in the grounds of Nymphenburg Palace between 24 August and 30 September 2018. The piece showed an almost life-size three-dimensional portrait of the king. Hörl placed a hundred serial busts on a table-like wooden construction to create a unique contemporary large-scale sculpture, where the busts were at eye level with visitors and looked in different directions.

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©Estate of Roy Lichtenstein/VG Bildkunst Bonn 2018

"DIE GESTE" [The Gesture] exhibition
From 23 September 2018 to 13 January 2019, Ludwiggalerie at Schloss Oberhausen palace will present masterpieces from the Peter and Irene Ludwig Collection. In this exhibition, Ottmar Hörl is showing various Dwarfs with different gestures as well as "Innocence" created in 1997. Since its launch, the soap object has passed through 57,000 hands, and is therefore considered to be the most successful multiple.

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©Ottmar Hörl

"WUNDER DER LÜFTE!" [Miracles of the Air!] exhibition
"Miracles of the Air! – Birds in Contemporary Art" is the theme of an exhibition on show at Galerie MAINZER KUNST! between 29 September and
10 November 2018, featuring sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings, objects and videos as well as photographs by some thirty artists from the Rhine-Main region. Ottmar Hörl has created various installations with different bird species serving as motifs, symbols and incentives for communication. Sculptures such as the Owl from the "Carrying Owls to Athens" project from 2004, and the Ravens from the "Landscape with Ravens" project from 2006 can be seen in this exhibition.

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Photo: Wolfgang Günzel

"Celtic Prince" sculptural installation
On 8 October 2018, Boris Rhein, Minister of Arts and Culture, unveiled a sculptural installation featuring 25 Celtic Princes standing against the backdrop of the Alte Oper opera house in Frankfurt. The original-size sculptures are a tribute to the 2,500-year-old Celtic Prince of Glauberg, a life-size sandstone figure with a striking, ear-shaped headgear. The Celtic Princes will be on display in Opernplatz square until 14 October, inviting the public to take a closer look at the fascinating settlement find. Then they will be going their separate ways for some time: from 15 to 29 October, the sculptures will be presented in selected businesses and public buildings in the Rhine-Main region, to be reunited as a group at Frankfurt's Römerberg from 30 October to 5 November, to promote the "Kultur in Hessen" [Culture in Hesse] campaign.

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Photo: Anette Kradisch

"Schöne Bilder" [Beautiful Pictures] exhibition
From 12 October to 10 November 2018, an exhibition with selected works from Ottmar Hörl's recent output of paintings will be on show in Munich for the first time. "Schöne Bilder" [Beautiful Pictures] is the title of an exhibition of abstract paintings on canvas presented by Galerie Kampl. The breathtaking dynamism and the exceptional depth of image, which Hörl succeeds in creating in the two-dimensional medium, are singular in art history. This is due to Hörl's sculptural approach and his grasp of space and time.

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Photo: Wolfgang Günzel

Ludwig II, 2018
King Ludwig II fans can now purchase the serial sculpture from our online shop, and have "their Kini", as they say in Bavaria, delivered to their homes. All new owners will thus become ambassadors for Bavaria and its cultural heritage.

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Photo: Wolfgang Günzel

Johannes Gutenberg, 2018
A new addition to our online shop: the Gutenberg sculpture in red, black and gold. The sculptural installation featuring more than 150 serial sculptures was on display at Eltville Electoral Castle from 18 August to 23 September 2018.

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Photo: Jürgen Knubben



Sculptural installation in Rottweil
In 2005, 500 Rottweiler Dog sculptures by Ottmar Hörl first settled at Erich Hauser Sculpture Park maintained by the Erich Hauser Art Foundation, and then in the pedestrian zone in Rottweil.

Already in the 18th century, the dogs were widely present in the Rottweil region. At the time, Rottweil was an important cattle trading centre from where cattle and sheep were wrangled into the Neckar valley. The dogs performed their original task of driving and guarding cattle.

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