Newsletter April 2018


Detail from the "Naturschauspiel" [Natural Wonders] series, photo: Anette Kradisch

Exhibition: "Flow" (paintings and photo concepts), Galerie ABTART
From 13 April to 15 June 2018, Galerie ABTART will be presenting abstract paintings and photographs by Ottmar Hörl in an exhibition entitled "Flow". Ottmar Hörl's series of paintings (first started in 2017) features monochrome nonfigurative painting. The titles, structures, and colours used are reminiscent of plant structures, of nature, or even Albrecht Dürer's "The Large Piece of Turf". In 1982, Ottmar Hörl first started to develop an innovative approach to photography, dispensing with an individual mark of the artist. It is not the photographer's eye that captures the landscape through the viewfinder, but a camera in motion. The photographic image of a landscape dissolves into a vortex of colour. All this results in an extended definition of photography and an attempt to "create room for the human intention in a world dominated by apparatuses" (quotation from Vilém Flusser, Towards a Philosophy of Photography).

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Photo: Christoph Maisenbacher

Exhibition: "um Gottes Willen!" [For Heaven's Sake!], Kunstverein Sundern-Sauerland art society
"um Gottes Willen!" [For Heaven's Sake!] is the ambiguous motto of a themed exhibition presented by the Kunstverein Sundern-Sauerland art society at the Sundern Stadtgalerie municipal gallery. A show not to be missed, "for heaven's sake!" The ambiguous motto of an exhibition presented by the Kunstverein Sundern-Sauerland art society from 29 April to 10 June 2018 spells out as "um Gottes Willen – Kunst und Religion an der Schnittstelle zwischen Politik und Gesellschaft" [For Heaven's Sake – Art and Religion at the Intersection of Politics and Society]. This extensive themed exhibition featuring top-class artists centres round the relationship between art and religion, a relationship which has not always been characterised by harmony. Curated by Gérard A. Goodrow of Kunstverein Sundern-Sauerland e.V.

Source: Westfalenpost

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Photo simulation: Lea Hörl

Exhibition: "Second Life – 100 Arbeiter" [Second Life – 100 Labourers], Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte [Völklingen Ironworks World Heritage Site]
For the Völklingen Ironworks World Heritage Site, Ottmar Hörl is developing "Second Life", an exciting sculptural project featuring a hundred labourers. The figures have respectfully been modelled on the Völklingen ironworker wearing a helmet and work clothes. This project draws the eye to a universal issue: work and the working population. Ottmar Hörl's sculptural project gives ironworkers a "second life". The figure is a homage to the ironworker, while the installation featuring serial sculptures invites the viewer to discuss "work" from a new perspective. The opening of Ottmar Hörl's "Second Life" will be held on International Workers' Day, or Labour Day, 1 May 2018, and is expected to run until 4 November 2018.


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Photo: Schloss zu Hopferau

Exhibition: "Wölfe im Schloss" [Wolves in the Castle], Schloss zu Hopferau
Ottmar Hörl's "Wolves in the Castle" project is a new installation that refers to a topical issue – the return of the wolves – and encourages reflexion. Threatened with extinction for a long time, the wolf touches our emotions as hardly any other animal does. As we share the same habitat, and show similar social behaviour, the bond between man and wolf is of a very special kind. Be part of it, when Ottmar Hörl's wolf sculptures take Schloss zu Hopferau, a mediaeval castle, by storm. On show between 2 June and 31 August 2018.

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Photo simulation: Alena Schickler

Sculptural installation: "Johannes Gutenberg", Eltville Electoral Castle
To commemorate the 550th anniversary of Johannes Gutenberg's death in 2018, the City of Eltville will dedicate to him an installation featuring 155 multiple Gutenberg sculptures by internationally renowned conceptual artist Ottmar Hörl. By inventing mechanical movable type printing, Gutenberg has sparked a global revolution. The exhibition will focus on the region where he lived: on the historic Electorate of Mainz, where he was born and where he is also assumed to have died, as well as on Eltville am Rhein, the place where, in 1465 during his exile from Mainz, he received the only distinction during his lifetime. The art project will be on show in the grounds of the Electoral Castle for five weeks, running from 17 August to 23 September 2018.


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New sculptures
Guess who's knocking …? Dead on time for the spring blossoming, we are proud to present Zorro, our new sculpture available in two variants (head straight, head tilted left). Moreover, two sculptures, Falcon and Evolution Guardian Angel, have been launched at this year's art Karlsruhe art fair.

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Sponti to go stands out in new colours
As of now, our Sponti to go is also available in blue, green and yellow. For several years, Sponti has been popular as a small keyring pendant, turning him into a constant companion wherever you go.

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Photo: Axel Kohlhaas


Karl Marx is the talk of the town
5 May 2018 will see the bicentenary of the famous philosopher's birth. In May 2013, Ottmar Hörl presented an installation featuring 500 Karl Marx sculptures on Porta-Nigra-Platz and Simeonstiftplatz in Trier to mark the 130th anniversary of Karl Marx's death and 195th anniversary of his birth. Visit our website to watch a video and look at a series of photos to enjoy the event once again. To celebrate the Karl Marx Year, Pittsburgh-based Space Gallery presents a group exhibition featuring Ottmar Hörl's Karl Marx sculpture and running between 6 April and 3 June 2018.

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