Newsletter August 2017


© GNM/Photo: Daniel Karmann

"The Nuremberg Madonna" installation
In collaboration with the Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Ottmar Hörl is to show six hundred Madonna sculptures in Nuremberg’s Kornmarkt square between 1 and 17 September 2017. Minister of State Dr Markus Söder has agreed to act as patron. 

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© Wynrich Zlomke / Kunstmuseum Ravensburg

On show until 15 October: "Wolves in Town" installation
From early July, wolf sculptures by Ottmar Hörl had colonised the Veitsburghang terrain in Ravensburg. Meanwhile, they have moved to town and become part of the "We love Animals. Four hundred years of animal and man in art" exhibition at Kunstmuseum Ravensburg.

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© Lichtbildatelier Nitschmann

On show until 31 August 2017: sculptural project with horse heads „Falada“ in Dülmen
In collaboration with the Dülmener Kunstverein art society and the "Designlager", Horse Heads created by Ottmar Hörl will be on show in Dülmen's urban space until the end of August. Attached to the walls of different houses, the installation visualises Dülmen's symbol, wild horses. An exhibition presented at the Dülmen Designlager entitled "Figurines – Sculptures by Ottmar Hörl, 1994-2017" complements the art event.

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Reissue: ME-mirror now available from our online shop
By creating the ME-mirror in 2004, Ottmar Hörl summarised identity, i.e. identification of the self, for everyone in word and form. A reissue of this nostalgic pocket mirror is now available again from our online shop.

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©Zeppelin Museum Photo: Markus Tretter

On show until 15 October 2017: CULT! LEGENDS, STARS AND ICONS in Friedrichshafen
Visitors may go and see Ottmar Hörl’s Zeppelin Boys as part of the "CULT! LEGENDS, STARS AND ICONS" exhibition on show at the Friedrichshafen Zeppelin Museum until the middle of October.

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(1) 500 years of the Reformation in Villach
5 May to 31 October 2017, Museum of the city of Villach, Austria

(2) Expect a miracle!
20 May to 15 October 2017, Museum Ulm

(3) Falada
Installaton with Horse Heads
25 May to 31 August 2017, Stadtraum Dülmen

2 June to 15 October 2017, Zeppelin-Museum

(5) Martin Luther
Installation on the occasion of the premiere of "Martin Luther-Der Anschlag" from Dieter Wedel
23 June to 20 August 2017, Stiftsruine Bad Hersfeld

(6) We Love Animals 
1 July to 15 October 2017, Kunstmuseum Ravensburg

(7) Figurines
Sculptures from Ottmar Hörl 1994 - 2017
9 July to 31 August 2017, Designlager, Dülmen

(8) Ottmar Hörl Sculpture 
25 July to 28 August 2017, Walhall Lounge, Festspielhügel 4, 95445 Bayreuth
Website Walhall Lounge

28 July 2017 to 28 August 2017, Galerie Lausberg, Düsseldorf

(10) The Nuremberg Madonna
Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg
1 to 17 September 2017, installation at Kornmarkt, Nuremberg

(11) Playground
7. September 2017, LÖWEN ENTERTAINMENT GmbH, Bingen am Rhein



(12) In unknown territory – Landscape in post-war art
16 September 2017 to 4 February 2018, Museum Hurrle, Durbach

(13) KULTURNACHT ULM / NEU-ULM 2017 [Night of Culture]
16 September 2017, 5:00 to 11:00 p.m., Südwest Presse Gallery

(14) Martin Luther
30 September to 31 October 2017, Christophoruswiese, Zorneding

6 October to 11 November 2017, Galerie LS LandskronSchneidzik Nürnberg


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