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"Instructions for the Relief of the Black Square“ at the Kunstverein Mannheim 2017
Since Malevich first exhibited his Black Square, a whole century has passed, a hundred years during which artists kept on dealing with this radical piece of art, or – in Malevich's own words - the "zero point of painting". In the "city of the squares", as Mannheim is often nicknamed, Ottmar Hörl picks up this topic, which is still relevant today, putting his suggested solutions up for discussion: in the form of shredded, deformed, crumpled, or rearranged versions.

"This is an attempt to create something new rather than being caught in the dilemma of having to make a creative proposal. It's not just a challenge for me as an artist. Every individual is faced with the requirement to go beyond existing concepts, to reinvent themselves, even though there are tried and tested solutions available," says Ottmar Hörl.

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Ottmar Hörl at the art Karlsruhe


At the 2017 edition of art KARLSRUHE, based on recent work on EVOLUTION, Ottmar Hörl is focussing on a number of fundamental questions concerning current social incidents and developments. This is an invitation to visitors to get a new perspective on mechanisms of perception in the 21st century.


© Eva Schickler

EVOLUTION Guardian Angel
A decade after his first sculptural project featuring serial Guardian Angel figures, Ottmar Hörl is presenting a new and subversive variant: black guardian angels armed with a Beretta. The belief in guardian angels is as old as humankind. Christians, Jews, and Muslims cherish the idea that guardian angels help and protect us mortals.

With a slight air of irony, Hörl embraces a topic of existential importance. How are we dealing with the idea and the feeling of globally increasing uncertainty in the face of terror threats and terrorist attacks? The government is trying to counter this potential danger with reinforced prevention and security measures. As a result, the guardian angels have adapted to the new situation, and taken up arms.



© Manfred Rinderspacher

XXL World-Viewer
At art KARLSRUHE, the Guardian Angels are accompanied by Hörl's Worldview Model III sculpture in XXL format, standing approx. 200 x 80 x 65 cm tall. The development of the large-scale figure was inspired by Maria Höfl-Riesch, the well-known three-time Olympic champion and two-time world champion, who became a happy owner of a blue Worldview Model in 2016.

World-viewers, long-distance viewers, visionaries? What kind of figures are these, looking at the world through binoculars? Are they looking ahead into the future? How are they perceiving reality in this digital age of globalisation? How far and how deep is their vision? Are they aware of the link between perception and ideology (worldview)?

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(1) The world poet. Friedrich Rückert 1788-1866. Poet. Orientalist. Critic of his times.
14 January to 17 April 2017, Kunstverein Coburg e.V.

(2) Instructions for the Relief of the Black Square
5 February to 16 April 2017, Kunstverein Mannheim

22 February to 29 April 2016
Galerie Mariette Haas, Ingolstadt

(4) Museum der Brotkultur: Kunstschmaus "Brot und Wein" [art feast "Bread and wine"]
1. March 2017, noon, Museum der Brotkultur Ulm

(2) artist Talk with Ottmar Hörl, Martin Stather and Friedrich Kasten
26 March 2017, 16 Uhr, Mannheimer Kunstverein

(5) Kult
2 June to 17 October 2017, Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

(6) Ottmar Hörl - Sculpture
from 23 June 2017, Kunst und Kultur am Dachsberg, Blindeninstitut Rückersdorf [Art and Culture at Dachsberg, Institute for the Blind Rückersdorf]

(7) We love Animals 
1 July to 15 October 2017, Kunstmuseum Ravensburg






© Wolfgang Guenzel



By the way, 1991
It is a well-known fact that shots are fired in Frankfurt now and then, of which the majority occurs in the quarter known as Bahnhofsviertel near the central railway station. Museums and other educational institutions had not been targeted so far. At least, not until September 1991. In the early morning hours of 12 September 1991, police hermetically sealed off the passageway between Nikolai Church and the Historical Museum, a sharp shooter wearing a uniform shouldered, aimed, and fired two shots. Since then, two bullet holes have been visible at an exactly calculated distance from each other at face level. By clicking the link below, find out more about the performance staged by Ottmar Hörl in 1991.

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