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Sotheby's to auction stars from the Euro Sculpture
In the course of an extensive overhaul in 2015, the acrylic glass panels of the yellow Euro Sculpture stars were replaced. The ones removed were later signed by celebrities and artists such as Rainer Calmund, David Garett, Götz Alsmann, Andreas Bourani, Matthias Reim, Martin Schmitt, and many others. On 2 February 2017, at 7 p.m., Sotheby's will offer the stars for auction at Frankfurt's Palmengarten, with the proceeds going to the cancer aid organisation Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt eV.

The URL below takes you to a gallery of pictures showing the celebrities that have signed the stars.

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Art Karlsruhe to premiere XXL World Viewers
What kind of figures are these, looking at the world, looking into the future, through binoculars? What are they seeing? At art KARLSRUHE, Galerie ABTART will be premiering larger-than-life World View Models by Ottmar Hörl.




Now available from our Shop: Sponti stamps
Don’t have yourself labelled. For those special occasions of the office routine, from now on, the Sponti stamp will leave its distinct mark on your documents.

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Rückert in Coburg
Ottmar Hörl’s Rückert busts will be on view at Kunstverein Coburg art society until 17 April 2017 in his DER WELTPOET - FRIEDRICH RÜCKERT [The World Poet – Friedrich Rückert] exhibition.

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From 5 February 2017: Exhibition at Kunstverein Mannheim [Mannheim Art Society]
The Mannheim Art Society will be showing Ottmar Hörl's Handlungsanweisung zur Erlösung des schwarzen Quadrats [Instructions for the Relief of the Black Square]. The exhibition refers to a work by Kazimir Malevich, whose compositions on the black square paved the way to monochrome painting in modern art.

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(1) Décalage Immédiat
featuring works by 30 international artists on the >unorthodox universe<,
13 October 2016 to January 2017

(2) Accrochage 
9 November 2016 to 31 January 2017
Bode Galerie, Nürnberg

(3) The world poet. Friedrich Rückert 1788-1866. Poet. Orientalist. Critic of his times.
14 January to 17 April 2017, Kunstverein Coburg e.V.

(4) Sothebys auction of the old stars of the Euro sculpture 
2 February 2017, Palmengarten Frankfurt



(5) Instructions for the Relief of the Black Square
5 February to 16 April 2017, Kunstverein Mannheim

16 to 19 February 2017, Karlsruhe

(7) Kult
2 June to 17 October 2017, Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen

(8) Ottmar Hörl - Sculpture
from 23 June 2017, Kunst und Kultur am Dachsberg, Blindeninstitut Rückersdorf [Art and Culture at Dachsberg, Institute for the Blind Rückersdorf]

(9) We love Animals 
1 July to 15 October 2017, Kunstmuseum Ravensburg




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Monument to Luck, 2001
One can fly to it using Google Earth, or pay a visit to it in real life. The "Monument to Luck" has been erected in Frankfurt am Main, at Rödelheimer Landstraße 202, to be precise. It is the first of its kind and was created by Ottmar Hörl. Find out more about this project from 2001 and watch the Google Earth video tour.

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