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Temporary project and gallery space in Bayreuth

Thanks to the Folichon sculptural installation at the Landesgartenschau garden festival, Ottmar Hörl's serial sculptures are conquering the world setting out from Bayreuth. Why not combine your visit to the Landesgartenschau grounds or the Bayreuth Festival with a little detour to Ottmar Hörl's project and gallery space in the Bayreuth city centre? > more


"Hörls Tierleben" [Hörl's Life of Animals] installation, 11 September to 3 October 2016, in Waiblingen

From 11 September 2016, Waiblingen's kleine Erleninsel, or little alder island, will be home to a number of rare animal sculptures. Newfoundland and Rottweiler dogs, pugs, papillon dogs, penguins, suricates, frogs, owls, hens, cocks, ravens, doves, snails, sea lions, rats and ermines will be arranged to form an unparalleled installation that is open to the public. > more


FAKE – Margarete Schrüfer and Ottmar Hörl, until 30 July 2016, at KunstKontor Nürnberg, Nuremberg

"FAKE", a double feature where Ottmar Hörl is partnering with Margarete Schrüfer, is Hörl's first presentation of his new series of works subversively entitled "Schnee von gestern" [literally: Yesterday's Snow, figuratively meaning "water under the bridge"]. It is his way of gauging what painting can do in the 21st century, and making an offer to enter into a discourse about that. > more


Lasst Blumen sprechen - Blumen und künstliche Natur [Say it with Flowers! – Flowers and Artificial Nature since 1960], until 23 October 2016, Schloss Moyland

Museum Schloss Moyland is staging a flower show of a very special nature. An exhibition showcasing works by artists from Germany and abroad looks into the way flowers have been presented, and dealt with, in art since 1960. The exhibition brings together works of painting and sculpture, drawings and prints as well as installations and selected positions from contemporary photography. Seventy-five works by thirty-nine artists are on display in the exhibition hall, parts of the castle building and the museum’s park. Ottmar Hörl, for instance, has set up an installation with roses welcoming visitors in the Kutschenrondell roundabout at the castle's entrance. > more


Luther for the World Heritage Day held in Coburg between 3 and 7 June

Setting up his "Martin Luther: Here I stand …" sculptural installation in Wittenberg's historic market square in the summer of 2010, Ottmar Hörl opened the Luther Decade. Unlike any other work of art so far, eight hundred Luther multiples have stimulated and animated a discussion on art, aesthetics and freedom. Since then, Hörl's Luther sculptures have conquered the whole world starting from Wittenberg, inviting people to engage in a cultural discourse. > more



Installations as part of the Landesgartenschau
22 April to 9 October 2016, Bayreuth

Schöner Wohnen [Beautiful Living]
21 May - November 2016, Baden, Raabs, Yspertal, Zwettl, Neulengbach
6 August to 14 August 2016, Yspertal
30 September to 13 October 2016, Zwettl
November, Stadtkeller, Neulengbach

Der will nur spielen - Der Hund in der aktuellen Kunst [He's only out to play - The dog in contemporary art]
9 June - 14 October 2016, KunstRaum Riedberg, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt/Main

POSITIONS. Invited by Jürgen Paas
i.a. with works of Anke Eilergerhard, Ottmar Hörl, Jürgen Jansen, Matthias Kanter, Norbert Thomas 
24 June to 27 August 2016, Obrist Gallery, Essen

Lasst Blumen sprechen! Blumen und künstliche Natur seit 1960 [Say it with flowers! flowers and artifical nature since 1969]
26 June to 23 October 2016, Stiftung Museum Schloss Moyland, Bedburg-Hau
i.a. with works of  Georg Baselitz, Joseph Beuys, Fischli & Weiss, Katharina Fritsch, David Hockney, Ottmar Hörl, Alex Katz, Karin Kneffel, David LaChapelle, Roy Lichtenstein, Gerhard Richter, Pipilotti Rist, Adrian Schiess, Paul Thek, Luc Tuymans, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol, Rémy Zaugg

8 July - 16 September 2016
Galerie AbtArt, Stuttgart

Hörls Tierleben [Hörl's Animal Life]
11 September to 3 October 2016, Erleninsel, Waiblingen